Facts About Art

Art is the only thing in the world which can be awe inspiring and can seem strange at the same time. We have seen artists making extraordinary master piece and yet they don’t get any kind of recognition. However, recently, the internet was laughing about an art. Where an artist duct-taped a banana on a canvas and it was worth of millions of dollars. And a by stander in an art gallery, easily hand-picked the banana and ate it. He was sued but even the court of law was laughing about it. If you ever get enrolled in canvas painting for beginners class, you will hear all sorts of funny stories about art and artists. And here, you will learn about the little-known facts about art.

  • Very few people know that paint by numbers for adults was made to keep the painters more focused and concentrated.
  • If you are made at math and reading, then the science says that you should start painting. Because it enhances these two areas in your brain.
  • If you are creative in anything, and you want the world to know. Then you should mix it with art because creativity has always been promoting via arts.
  • We all know about who Picasso is. And you will love Picasso more than ever because he was a legit animal lover and he owned a lot of cats, turtle, an owl, a dog and a donkey.
  • You will be surprised to know that we were all born creative. But somewhere between studies and the burden of responsibilities, we lost it.
  • We all have heard about the world class and famous painting the starry night. And you will be surprised to know that it was painted in a psych ward. So, now you know where you need to go next to become creative.
  • We all wait for Olympics and you will be surprised to know that in the old times, art, sculpture, painting and drawing was also a part of Olympics.
  • You must have heard about the sculpture of David. You will be shocked to know that originally, it was named as the statue of Hercules.
  • All things become legend when they are not available. And same was the case of very famous painting, Mona Lisa. It got famous when it was stolen.