Facts About Social Media

Social media has become a necessity. Waking up and before even rubbing our eyes, we make sure that we take a glance at our social media accounts. Seeing the number of likes and the number of comments, makes us want to spend five more minutes in the bed. According to the best social media agency, social media has also become a platform where people are earning good income.

People who have created businesses on social media, they look for the best search engine marketing company to make sure that they get the best of best strategies to make their business reach to people across the globe. Some people also come up with an idea of opening their own kind of social media platform and every now and then we see them and all have very unique ideas of communicating with public.

Below, you will be read some of most amazing and mind-blowing facts about social media.

  1. The world has a lot of people in it, according to survey done in December 2019, there are approx. 7.8 billion people in the world and 4.54 billion people are on some kind of social media.
  2. But there are some people who make a social media account and they never use it and that is why that same survey showed that 3.725 billion people are active on some kind of social media.
  3. It is really hard to make sure that we are interacting with a genuine person because according to a survey done in 2018, it showed that a single person has at least 6 to 7 fake ids on some kind of social media.
  4. The social media companies are benefitting from us a lot because another survey showed that a single person spends more than 142 minutes in a day.
  5. If you want to take your business online and you want to make sure that more people reach your business, then follow what other businesses are doing. Some survey results showed that a business may use 2 to 3 different kinds of social media channels.
  6. In the start of the COVID, there was a raise of 328 million people on different social medias. Which means in every 10 seconds, someone must be making account on any social media.