Fine dining etiquettes

Having an exquisite dinner at an Indian Fine Dining Restaurant in Dubai is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy a first-class meal. When savoring in the fine dining experience, there are a number of etiquette practices to be followed that makes the dining experience even more special.

1. Dress-up for the Occasion: Dining at a fine dining restaurant is a special event in itself. Your everyday clothing is not acceptable at fine dining restaurants as they normally have a strict dress code. Suits with a tie and attractive dresses, skirts, or stylish pants are appropriate and if you are not sure about a particular restaurant’s dress code, call them to ask.

2. Unique Table Arrangement: The table set up when you dine at a fine dining establishment is different than a regular family restaurant. For instance, you can select silverware from the outside to inside your plate. You will have more than one fork placed to the left of the plate; the bigger one is the dinner fork or entrée fork and a smaller salad fork. Over the dinner plate, a dessert spoon and a dessert fork will be there. Knives and spoons are placed at the right side of the plate. Glasses are placed to the right side of the plate and napkins are to be placed on the lap.

3. Formal Table Etiquette: It is imperative to greet your host by shaking hands. You should sit up straight without putting your elbows on the table. Never use your hands for eating, always make use of the utensils. Eat when everyone at the table has been served and always pass items to the right. Eat at the same speed as your guests and avoid chewing food with your mouth open or talk with a mouth full of food.

Avoid speaking so loudly that you annoy other diners. Compliment the host on the flavor and appearance of the meal and the restaurant selection. Avoid dipping food in other liquids such as soup or broths. Talk on a cell phone while dining is against table manners. When finished, leave the plate on your setting and wait for the server to take it away.

4. Treating the Staff: Treat the restaurant staff with respect and don’t be harsh even if there is a mistake with the meal. Be courteous with the staff and enjoy how well you are treated. It is always great to at least leave a tip of 15%.

There is variation between the etiquettes of different restaurants and Dubai cocktail bars, know them before going to any of such places.