Identify extra storage space in your home

We all collect an unbelievable amount of clutter in our homes over the years. We hang on to certain things for sentimental reasons, keep hold of many as ‘just in case’, and sometimes simply as a matter of family growth. But the question is how do we contain it all? Newly built latest houses do not offer enough storage space, whilst older properties offer spaces that are mostly awkward and hard to utilize. So, what can be done?

The trending storage spaces in Dubai can be an option if you are ready to pay for storing your stuff. But if you are not opting for a personal storage in Dubai, start looking around your home to figure out some storage spaces. Identify whether you need a clear-out help to free up storage space or is it a matter of having to accommodate more? Accommodating more would mean looking at updating single-functioning pieces of furniture with multi-functional ones and if not updating, decide on items that can be hidden away in order to generate more room.

Places like hallways serve as dumping grounds. No matter how small your space is, find a way to accommodate coats and shoes. If you have stairs, consider getting the bottom steps made into pull out drawers, also if you have available space underneath your stairs convert it to a storage space.

Kitchen is another place you can utilize effectively. A pull out/drop-leaf table can help to maximize minimal space. Stacking storage systems available for internal cupboard areas can be helpful. Simply adding wire baskets to the inside of the doors and keeping utensil and cutlery drawers in order by investing in drawer dividers can all work well.

Consider storing space in bathrooms by installing a bath panel that pulls down for storing items like shower gel, soaps, shampoos etc. Purchase a hammock with suckers, or use string bags with hooks for storing kids’ toys or so.

Having floor to ceiling wardrobes in bedrooms is yet another option for a perfect storage. Internal fitments in wardrobes like hanging rails, a pull-out trouser rail and some shoe racks underneath can all serve the purpose. If you haven’t got a bed with drawers, make use of the space underneath by purchasing durable storage boxes for seasonal storage ideas.

Think outside the box and with a little imagination you will be surprised at what you can achieve to solve your storage issues.