List of Responsibilities of Pharmaceutical Companies

A pharmaceutical company’s workforce comprises employees who are responsible for many functions. From engineering to manufacturing to Regulatory affairs, these employees are involved in all stages of the manufacturing process. They are typically working in a clean-room environment and are responsible for ensuring that the final product meets all of the company’s quality standards. The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated, and employees must be well-versed in drug production regulations. Read below the job responsibilities of pharmaceutical companies in Dubai.

Regulatory affairs:

Regulatory affairs professionals play an important role in making products safe and effective. Their work begins during the development and research phases of the product. They maintain current knowledge of regulations, procedures and trends. The various positions they can hold include clinical research coordinators, Drug Safety Associates and investigators. Their role can range from setting up drug trials to indicating drug label information. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most regulated industries.


Pharmaceutical companies need workers to supervise their manufacturing processes. Production plants tend to be small to medium-sized and operate according to batch-based processes. Pharmaceutical production technicians oversee process operations and ensure compliance with regulations. They also monitor workers, operators, and handlers. Some specialities of these workers include dyes, perfume oils, and pesticides. In addition, pharmaceutical production technicians supervise process activities and ensure compliance with quality control standards.

Quality assurance:

In a pharmaceutical company, QA professionals play an important role in the company’s planning, system governance, and process aspects. They also conduct quality tests to ensure that goods meet quality standards. Those who work in QA positions are trained to apply current good manufacturing practices, or GMPs, throughout the company. They also execute processes to improve the quality of goods and ensure that they meet regulatory standards.


The roles and responsibilities of pharmaceutical company employees vary widely. Some are directly involved in developing products, while others are responsible for overseeing production and research operations. Clinical trial scientists recruit patients, manage clinical trial materials, record results, and submit them to the company. Pharmaceutical companies also employ packaging and shipping operators who package and organize finished pharmaceutical products for sale. In addition, production managers plan manufacturing projects and oversee production, ensuring that workers meet safety and efficiency standards.