Online Universities – The Factors To Consider

Cheap universities in Dubai have become a hot commodity these days. But, what is the difference between a cheap and quality college? Are there any factors to consider when choosing one? The quality of education offered by cheap or community colleges are getting a bad name these days. The bad part is that many students have ended up in debt and have failed to complete their full-time degree programs.


There are several factors to consider when choosing a university. The first factor is the reputation of the university. This is important because good, reputed universities such as Harvard and Yale have been able to charge premium prices because they have excellent academic profiles and offer cheap classes.

Consider the online program:

Another factor to consider is whether the university has an online program. It may be that the cheap University you were considering is not available online. In this case, you would still be able to attend classes, but would not get to take the exams. Some cheap universities also offer online degrees, but the courses are not accredited by the national education board.

The ratio of student to teacher:

One more thing to consider is the ratio of students to teachers. Cheap Universities may be cheaper, but they may also lack professors and other teaching resources. This means that the quality of education is not very good and that the students may miss out on learning. 

Subject they offer to students:

The subjects taught by these cheap degrees are the same ones taught in universities. They may however differ slightly, because the number of students is much lesser. Students can therefore concentrate on their core subjects instead of taking additional subjects which they may not need. It is not uncommon at all for these courses to be offered in conjunction with other forms of higher education. This makes it possible for students to complete their education in two or three years.


Before deciding on a particular online university or MBA colleges in Dubai, you must look into its accreditation. The best way to verify this is to go to an accreditation board website. You will then be able to determine which universities are recognized by the government. You may also find out about any financial aid programs that they have for students wishing to take up cheap degrees through online courses.