The major oilfield equipment

People associated with the jobs and businesses that revolve around oilfield know the significance of tools and instruments used in the oilfield. The techniques involved in drilling, storing and transportation of products to and from oilfield requires equipment that is distinct from the one used by other industries. Let’s take a look at a checklist of some must have equipment for an oilfield.

Drill pipe, as the name suggests, is used for drilling of holes. Drill pipe can be used for a number of purposes in the drilling method. The drill bit, which digs hole in the ground, is connected to the drill pipe and as the digging gets deeper, the string’s length is extended. Drill pipe lubricates the equipment controlling the heating up of the drill bit. The length of the drill pipe to be bought depends on the oilfield where it will be used and can be determined by the oilfield equipment suppliers.

Oilfield casing is another important part of the oilfield forming job. It is the step towards structure building of the hole drilled in the ground as it can be dangerous to keep on digging a hole and not covering it. It is also vital to know the different pressure areas after an optimum amount of hole is drilled. Oilfield casing recognize and then protect these holes.

Another essential and commonly used engineering method is “dewatering” that is used at the oilfield station. Dewatering technique removes the standing water from the land. If the water gets filled in the holes due to rain or so, its removal is important to proceed on the job. Several different pumps are available in the market used for quick dewatering.

Piling is another method used almost at every construction site. Piling is the technique where the load of a structure is rooted down somewhere in the ground. Factors like fiction have to be considered when opting for piling. In case of marine piling, the similar concept with different factors has to be considered. For example, the engineer has to address concepts of tides, water waves and variations in pressure when it comes to marine piling. Both piling and marine piling is a very essential part of oilfield related tasks.

Other tools and techniques like floatation hose is also used in the oilfields. All these equipment are very costly hence you must only rely on companies that provide high quality equipment. You can find a number of industrial equipment, oilfield equipment or  hydraulic equipment suppliers in Dubai online to save your time and efforts.